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Security Audits

What is a Security Audit?

Simply put, a security audit gives you peace of mind. It is the confirmation that your systems have been checked by an independent expert and confirmed that your security policies are working and protecting your most valuable assets, your data.

An audit involves looking at an organisation’s IT systems to identify its current strengths, security details as well as threats and vulnerabilities, and any areas for improvement.

It is vital that your IT infrastructure is protected against the risk of a cyber attack to prevent financial loss and damage to your company’s reputation.

Security audits

What is included?

Our IT security audits can involve looking at some of the following:

  • Data security
  • Risk management
  • Training and awareness for staff – do you employees understand strong passwords and identify malicious emails or files?
  • Legal, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Technical and physical security controls
  • Third-party systems and management

What are the benefits of a Security Audit?

The main objective is to ensure that your cyber defences are up-to-date and able to effectively respond to possible cyber attacks or threats from hackers. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean that companies can suffer significant penalties if a security breach or hack results in the loss of personal data. 

By carrying out regular security audits you can identify areas for improvement. Even a single vulnerability can lead to hackers stealing sensitive information such as company bank details or sensitive information you don’t want as public knowledge.

How we can help

At Cambridge Support, we understand the importance of protecting your business against cyber attacks and hackers. Our team of experts can look at your current systems and perform a comprehensive assessment to identify how your IT infrastructure would stand against a cyber attack.

We then provide you with a detailed report and if necessary, provide you with recommendations on how to best protect your IT systems. 

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