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Support Team Keeps Growing

New Joiner

As a testament to the impact that IT is having on everyday life during the Covid-19 pandemic, here at Cambridge Support we are fortunate enough to be able to continue our amazing growth during this difficult time.  With that we are very pleased to welcome Nam Vu to the Cambridge Support family. Nam is joining…

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Microsoft Web Browsing Leaps Forward

Microsoft have recently launched a faster, more compatible and feature-packed new version of their Microsoft Edge browser, based on technologies pioneered by Google’s Chrome. Since the release of Windows 10, one of the rather disappointing elements of the operating system has been its internet browser, Microsoft Edge. Over the years we have known people to…

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The New Normal – Are You Ready?

I expect we are going to be hearing this phrase, “The New Normal”, an awful lot over the next few weeks.  As the lockdown restrictions slowly start to ease across the country, there are businesses everywhere that are planning on what they do next to ensure they can both operate and effectively recover from this…

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Cyber Attacks Increasing

Security audits

There is no doubt this is a challenging time for individuals and businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether businesses are still homeworking or venturing back to work it’s becoming clear that there are malicious individuals that are looking to take advantage of these uncertain times. The volume of cyber-attacks is increasing at…

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Microsoft Teams – Updates to Calling and Meeting

Microsoft Teams Icon

There is no doubt that one of the biggest changes at work during the Covid-19 lockdown has been the extended use of online meetings.  Whether it’s for business or personal use, the number of online meetings and calls taking place has grown exponentially over the past few months.  At the forefront of this online meeting revolution has been Microsoft Teams. …

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NHS Hero Award


I am confident that none of us need reminding that there are a vast number of amazing people among us, who face challenges on a regular basis and even more so as a result of all the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout our communities there are people who work immensely hard to improve the lives of…

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Rebranding the cloud – Why is Microsoft switching up its 365 suite?

From April 21, 2020, there are going to be some significant changes coming into effect over at Microsoft 365. Arriving hot on the heels of their latest major announcement, which saw them bringing the cloud-based subscription service to the everyday consumer with their ‘Personal’ and ‘Family’ subscription services and their new offerings for small-medium enterprises…